Dr. Lardon Keynote

Dr. Lardon’s keynote presentations on Peak Mental Performance and the Zone have mass appeal and can have an immediate and practical impact on audiences large and small.

In Dr. Lardon’s presentations, the neuroscience of peak performance comes alive with anecdotes and personal experience with some of the most prominent athletes in world sports. He’s a natural storyteller with both clinical and real-world experience—from competing at the world class level himself to working with athletes in sports as varied as golf and mixed martial arts. Finding the competitive edge is his life’s work.

The information he shares is compelling, relevant and invaluable to sports teams, corporate sales forces and businesspeople alike. To learn more about booking Dr. Lardon for a speaking engagement, use the Contact link above to inquire about availability and rates.

“I know for a fact our 300 members received tremendous benefit from your program, with many survey respondents listing it as the highlight of all the programs presented over two days. It was a true honor, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have you as one of our key presenters.”

Mike Ray, Executive Director, Southern Texas Section PGA