Finding Your Zone explains the science behind the concept of “the zone” in sports and life, and how anyone can use a series of physical, emotional and mental techniques to find the zone more often and for a longer period of time. You’ll see how the game slows down for elite athletes at crunch time—and more importantly, learn how they do it. The book is considered a breakthrough in world of peak performance, and has become a reference text for sport psychologists, professional athletes, businesspeople and coaches at every level.

By Dr. Michael Lardon. Foreword by David Leadbetter.


"At Dr. Lardon’s suggestion, I found an old photo of Gramp and, the day of the race, stuck it inside my helmet. Gramp, I thought, you’ll be with me all the way." - US Olympian. Jim Shea on the technique he used to keep his recently deceased grandfather with him on his race. He won the gold.

Jim Shea, Olympic Gold Medalist