I’ve spent the last 25 years of my medical career studying the science of peak performance in sports and business and how to train for it. My techniques and strategies are used by Olympic gold medalists, NFL and Major League Baseball players, Fortune 500 CEOs, major champions in golf, mixed martial artists and members of elite military teams to achieve unprecedented success.

Whether you’re a world-class athlete looking for the last piece of the performance puzzle to achieve your ultimate goal or a weekend warrior who wants to shave a few shots off your score,  I think you’ll find information here that can help.

I work with elite athlete clients both through my practice in San Diego and around the country at competitive events as schedule permits. To schedule a private consultation, please use the Contact tab above.

My new book, Mastering Golf’s Mental Game, is designed to show anyone how they can use the techniques I developed for players like Phil Mickelson to improve their mental performance on the course. Click on the Development or Books tabs above to learn more about it.

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